Let me make it clear about MoneyTreeâ„¢ Definitions

Sector definitions

The sector classifications utilized in the MoneyTree Report are the following:


All aspects of agriculture, including crop manufacturing and health, animal manufacturing and health, in addition to equipment, items and relevant tasks.

Automotive & Transportation

All aspects of travel by atmosphere, car, train, trucking along with other types of transport. Additionally details manufacturing, components and upkeep.

Business Items & Solutions

All business requirements and associated solutions: marketing, PR, HR, staffing, training documents maintaining, appropriate solutions, consulting, workplace materials and furniture, information services, equipment, facilities and much more. Additionally covers linked solutions like commercial publishing, outsourcing and packaging.

Computing Devices & Solutions

Physical computing devices and associated services, though especially perhaps perhaps not the program applied to those devices. Includes personal and company computers, networking equipment, leasing businesses, peripherals, handhelds, servers, supercomputers, video video gaming products also it solutions.

Customer Products & Solutions

All products or services for individual usage ( perhaps perhaps not Business or Industrial), including not restricted to: devices, automotive services, rentals, electronic devices, clothing, home furnishings, precious precious jewelry, pet items, tobacco, toys and games.


Concerned primarily with electronic elements like potato chips, semiconductors, switches, engines, testing gear and medical instruments; additionally associated manufacturing solutions.

Energy & Utilities

Energy manufacturing, circulation and storage space, including fossil fuels, renewables, energy organizations, organizations centered on energy savings, in addition to businesses researching brand brand brand new power sources or technologies.

Ecological Services & Gear

These businesses cope with fixing harm after an event that is environmental taken place or make an effort to help restrict the negative environmental impact of a conference or business. This includes ecological and power consulting, payday loans Isle of Wight hazardous waste solutions, recycling, cleanup and waste that is solid.


Businesses coping with wide range in just about any type, including yet not restricted to: accounting, banking, credit and collections, investments, online payments businesses and financing.

Food & Beverages

Food and drink of most sorts: shopping and wholesale, fresh components, prepared and canned products and foodservice ( not restaurants, see Leisure). Comes with meals safety, flavoring and condiments, alcoholic items and circulation.


All aspects of health care bills and health: diagnosis, medication development and circulation, medical items and facilities, medical plans and alternate remedies and procedures that are elective.


Gear and facilities which are neither residential/consumer nor commercial and all associated applications. Primarily worried about materials, facilities, hefty equipment and construction.


On line applications, but neither the equipment on which these are generally run nor the ISPs that make deals possible. All e-commerce sites are included, since are website hosting services, web browser pc software, web marketing, e-mail, on the web communications platforms of all of the kinds, on the web learning, movie and much more.


In-person activity like concert halls, casinos, lodging, restaurants of all of the sorts, sports, gyms and relaxation facilities.

Media (Conventional)

All kinds of non-Internet entertainment this is certainly additionally perhaps maybe not in-person (see Leisure). Includes movie, movie, music, publishing, television and radio.

Metals & Mining

Businesses associated with extracting materials that are raw the planet earth and their processing. Larger categories contained herein include aluminium, coal, copper, diamonds and stones that are valuable precious metals and steel; and also the brokering and circulation among these products.

Mobile Phone & Telecommunications

Communications organizations and associated technologies, from overarching groups like fiber optics, telecom gear, infrastructure, towers and RFID systems to applications like mobile computer software, mobile business and also the telecom organizations that facilitate interaction over their systems.

Retail (non-internet/mobile)

Brick-and-mortar retail areas of most sorts: garments, electronic devices, devices, physical news, grocery, office materials and each other product bought in individual that is certainly not a leisure activity (see Leisure).

Danger & Protection

Safety services that run mainly into the real globe and encompass personal protective gear, security and surveillance equipment, security guard organizations, professionals and much more.

Computer Software (non-internet/mobile)

Software not covered under “Mobile” or “Internet.” It may be hosted for a user’s device or accessed remotely and will be applied for just about any application. The software itself is the user’s primary concern, not the delivery method (as in Internet and Mobile categories) in this category.

  • Sector taxonomy (Sector > Industry > Subindustry) is a mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive classification that is vertical. Each business is only able to get one straight category. Typically these suggest the marketplace the business is offering to.
  • Organizations may use numerous emerging technologies / company models, it doesn’t matter what straight they have been offering to. A company may be included in multiple Emerging Areas which are represented as “company collections” in the CB Insights website for this reason.

Round reporting

The next rounds are identified within the MoneyTree reporting: Seed / Angel, Series the, Series B, Series C, Series D, Series E+, Convertible Note, development Equity, and personal Equity.

Phase of development definitions

The stage of development classifications found in the MoneyTree Report are the following:

Seed phase

Early phase

Expansion phase

Later on phase


Includes rounds maybe maybe not connected with a particular phase in an organization’s money history. These generally include business minority rounds where corporates have a minority stake in a startup, along with a few unclassified rounds monitored that aren’t connected with a certain phase

Sort of financing/financing series definitions

The MoneyTree Report records cash for equity assets given that money is obviously gotten because of the business (also known as a tranch) in the place of whenever funding is committed (also known as a “term sheet”) to an organization. Properly, the quantity reported in a given quarter might be lower than the full total circular quantity committed towards the business at that time whenever round of financing closed.

Metro definitions

Core-based analytical area (CBSA)

CBSA is a U.S. area that is geographic by any office of Management and Budget (OMB) that “consist of several counties (or equivalents) anchored by an metropolitan center of at the least 10,000 individuals plus adjacent counties which can be socioeconomically associated with the metropolitan center by commuting.”

Combined area that is statisticalCSA)

CSA is just a category the represents a combination (multiple) adjacent analytical areas in the us and Puerto Rico that may show financial or linkage that is social. The category is established because of the OMB and evaluated after every census.

Report methodology

what exactly is included:

  • Equity financings into growing organizations. Fundings must result from VC-backed businesses, that are thought as businesses that have received money at any point from either: investment capital organizations, business endeavor group or super angel investors.
  • Fundings of just personal organizations. Funding rounds raised by public businesses of every type or type on any trade (including Pink Sheets) are excluded from our figures, even when they received investment by a endeavor firm(s).
  • Just includes the investment manufactured in the quarter for tranched investments. If a business does an additional closing of the Series B round for $5M and formerly had closed $2M in a quarter that is prior just the $5M is reflected within our outcomes.
  • Circular numbers reflect just what has closed – maybe perhaps not what exactly is meant. In cases where a business shows the closing of $5M out of a desired raise of $15M, our figures mirror just the quantity that has closed.
  • Only fundings that are verifiable included. Fundings are confirmed via (1) various federal and state regulatory filings; (2) direct verification with company or investor; (3) news release; or (4) legitimate news sources.

What’s excluded: