The infamously maniacal doll Chucky is back for a brand new Child’s Play television series. On Thursday, creator Don Mancini debuted the chilling first-look teaser for the new show. With PlayTV, viewers can live various lives, get insight into their favourite places and celebrity while travelling the world through pure and fun entertainment. With the ever evolving world of entertainment, playTV stays innovative to ensure that it can stay relevant for its viewers. PlayTV is an all-round Lifestyle & Entertainment Channel and a sub-section of Playcenter. A unique platform that covers day to day living of people, music, art, movie premiere, red carpet, fashion, events, celebrity news, gossips and the likes of it.

This allows you to use your two Sony systems as set-top boxes instead of using a cable box and DVR, and it allows for some very cool-looking place-shifting of content. Most PS3 users won’t have a remote and thankfully Sony’s done a good job of mapping functions to the controller.

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If you have other Sonos speakers in your home, the Beam’s AirPlay 2 can be used as a bridge to send that same audio to any speaker in your multiroom audio setup, well, almost any speaker . We did notice one sort of bizarre audio behavior with the Sonos PlayBase that took a little investigation to resolve. While listening to the PlayBase, on several occasions, the volume dropped unexpectedly for about 10 to 15 seconds. The fix is pretty simple, as long as you don’t want to be able to control the PlayBase from Amazon Alexa. If you go into the Alexa app and disable the PlayBase from the list of speakers with the Sonos skill enabled, this see more hints solves the mysterious drop-out issue. You might ask how the PlayBase can work with streaming music sources, streaming video apps, cable boxes, etc. if it only has a single input.

According to the company, users can expect access to more than 60,000 local radio stations, topped off with additional exclusive content. At present, stations through Sonos Radio are only provided to users in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. If you already own a Sonos speaker, you can stream local radio stations, exclusive content, and curated playlists through Sonos Radio for free.

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Fast forwarding and rewinding isn’t as convenient as you need to hold down L2 or R2. The skip buttons will take you forward or back 10 minutes at a time — no ad skipping unfortunately. PLAY TV is a one-stop streaming app with the most must-watch content focused on video, streamed by the industry leader in online video, Brightcove, Inc. Safety feature – Lock selected channels to make this app kid-friendly.

  • Even with a few rough edges, the Sonos Playbar may be a handy way for Apple device owners to tackle all of their living room audio needs.
  • After this, you need to tap on the “Add a player” option on the menu.
  • Click the icon on Desktop to run the Bluestacks Emulator app on Windows.
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  • This offers the flexibility of not only using it at home but in the car or on the go.

Being able to connect via Bluetooth allows the sound system to be used for games and apps such as YouTube. Companies like Samsung, Bose, LG and Naim include Bluetooth support as standard. The Beam is touted as a smaller, less-expensive sound bar than a previous edition, the larger $699 Playbar. Beyond Alexa, Sonos now also supports Apple AirPlay, which means you can beam songs from your iPhone or iPad directly to the speaker for listening. They make the best consumer Wi-Fi speakers, and their flavor of Alexa, the Sonos One connected speaker, is my favorite choice for anyone looking to bring Alexa and music into the home. With our brand new Sonos service, you can now browse and play your entire Plex music collection on any Sonos device, right from the Sonos app.

Add Airplay 2 To Your Audio Setup With These Connected Receivers