We’ll show you how to sell golf clubs back to us so they can be resold to other golfers. We make it easy for your clubs to find their way into someone else’s hands, without you having to post an ad. Unless you are taking those clubs on the golf course you are throwing away money.

IBM provided a serial card based on an 8250 UART. IBM Personal Computer with IBM CGA monitor , IBM PC keyboard, IBM 5152 printer and paper stand. Both cards could also be installed simultaneously for mixed graphics and text applications.

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Encourage children to thread string or ribbon through the holes. Collect metal cans in a variety of different sizes. Children have three chances to throw a ball towards Stack Ball the pyramid and make all the cans fall down. o Set a beach ball approximately six feet away from the starting point. o Hang a hula hoop from a piece of playground equipment and encourage children to throw a ball through it. For this game, help each child find a partner.

  • In this game, the Monty Mole has much lankier arms than usual, a more bright orange color, a smaller white patch, and a green hat.
  • You can also learn about projectile motion.
  • Due to their graphics being flat textures, they always face the camera in this game.
  • In other words, you don’t want a true price that is substantially higher than the actual price because that means you’re having to pay more for 12 “good” balls.

Ski Orienteering — the objective for athletes is to navigate from the start to the finish through checkpoints while riding on skis. Ski Mountaineering — the objective is to climb up a mountain wearing skis, occasionally carrying if required, and then descend on the skis. Ski Flying — winter sport similar to ski jumping in which the skier will come down and take off from a ramp and fly the farthest possible distance. Sikaran — a form of kick boxing from the Philippines, which utilizes only the feet, the hands are only used for blocking. Show Jumping — an equestrian event where riders on horseback attempt to jump cleanly through sets of obstacles within a specific time.

Pickup Bottle Game

Sand down an old fan-blade and you just might find a cute little snowman underneath! Whether or not you have a fireplace to hang your family’s stockings, this DIY stocking-hanger presents a fun alternative to traditional stocking spots. There are new reindeer in town, and they have giant googly eyes. This simple DIY project is a great for using up firewood.