We will have twelve different dragons from the movie because 6 games that were still on the screen were not. Explore 25 islands throughout the Viking and complete the mission. In this APK 4 Games Mobi game, Berk is not the only island but also there are up to 60 other islands scattered all over the sea. You can join your dragons to explore these islands and merge them into a part of Berk, or even bring residents to these islands to live. Besides, the game also organizes even and gives the opportunity for players to own unique costumes, even dragon eggs. The most recent event has updated the Hookfang costume, an outfit that any dragon trainer wants to possess.

Corresponding to that is you will be able to unlock new skills of the dragon. Hatchery is the only place on Berk Island where you can hatch a dragon. After hatching, you will know what kind of dragon you find, and then place the baby dragon on the appropriate location on the island. Hiccup and the toothless dragon are responsible for finding the dragon.


Just like the Unique Dragons, a player may have only one Champion Dragon. In a battle against the Red Death Hiccup lost his lower leg, but because of its ingenuity to be able to build a prosthesis alone that we forbid all the problems we have. Cope with dragon head coaches very well in any fight or battle fought both on the ground and dragons with different weapons, swords, or with bare hands. Fishlegs Ingerman a gluttonous true, it almost always is with food in your mouth and eats everything he wants. It is a casual single-player game, with dragons to rescue, eggs to hatch, and breed to get more of the kind. Along with all such, it also bestows upon us the duty to protect the island, Berk.

Switch from mobile to PC – Transition from mobile to PC couldn’t be easier. Andy syncs up to your personal Google Play account and now you can use the same account on Dragons Rise of Berk Android App for PC as well. This tool works on all Android mobile phones, tablets and all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices. Click on “Generate” button to generate Runes for your account. The Meade Hall upgrade will be required when the Academy reaches certain levels. Meanwhile, Academy will only be upgraded when Berk has a sufficient number of Vikings House.


If the Valka Titan Training fails, the player will be compensated with either 25 or 20M . If the Titan Training fails, the player will be compensated with either 16 or 1.37M . This free desktop download is a game powered by the latest 3D graphics engine along with brilliantly rendered sound and special effects. This combination results in an authentic movie-like experience like you have never seen before in a video game spinoff. Build your own island of Berk and start searching for new dragons to hatch and train. Compete against other trainers in the exciting Champions of Berk to win cool rewards and fun prizes.

  • Eret is among the dragon riders for some time and originally plans to learn to train dragons for Drago before changing sides.
  • You can also train your dragons to reach higher levels.
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