8 Bisexuality Urban Myths, Debunked by People Who Identify As Bisexual

8 Bisexuality Urban Myths, Debunked by People Who Identify As Bisexual

B isexuality is a term that many if you don’t all have heard, yet regrettably, its pervasiveness doesn’t reflect extensive comprehension of just just what it actually means in training. That’s because for a lot of, the idea of bisexuality is shrouded greatly in confusion and misconceptions. And regrettably, clearing up the answers the absolute most easy of undertakings.

But that doesn’t mean the confusion can’t be unpacked, duration. Below, find eight misconceptions that are common just what bisexuality really means, plus what folks whom identify as bisexual are especially sick and tired of hearing.

1. Actually, bisexuality is not gender-exclusionary

The Bisexual Manifesto, posted in 1990, reads: “Do not assume that bisexuality is duogamous or binary in nature.” Meaning anybody who contends bisexuality reinforces the sex binary, given its prefix which means two, is mistaken.

Instead, in accordance with the Bisexual site Center, bisexuality means “being drawn romantically and/or sexually to one or more gender.” Having said that, Mimi, 24, a queer bisexual tomboy-femme, adds that some ( by by herself included) determine it as attraction to genders being like and unlike their particular, meaning definitely not simply man or woman.

2. Distinguishing as bisexual will not make dating any easier

“It’s hilarious if you ask me that individuals think dating could be easier because I’m bi,” claims Mimi. positive, in concept there’s a larger set of prospective suitors from where to draw. However in truth, that’s maybe maybe maybe not really the case, she says. “Dating appears to be much harder for me personally. (more…)